Karna Rogas – Ear Disorders in Ayurveda




KarnRoga are the diseases related to the Karn`Srotas or the Karn`a S`hashkulee.



o       Vaataja

o       Pittaja

o       Kaphaja

o       Saannipaataja


There are 28 types of Karn`Roga in S`haalaakya Tantra. According to Chakrapaan`i, all the types explained in the S`haalaakya Tantra are ultimately fall under above said 4 types; therefore Charaka has mentioned only 4 types ofKarn`Roga.


Comparative study of Karn`a Roga types:


No. Charaka Samhitaa(4) Sus`hruta Samhitaa(28)

/ Maadhava Nidaana

1 Vaataja Karn`a S`hoola Karn`a S`hoola -5
2 Pittaja Karn`a Pran`aada Karn`a N`aada
3 Kaphaja Karn`a Baadhirya Karn`a Baadhirya
4 Saannipaatika Karn`a Kshved`a Kuchikarn`aka
5 Karn`a Sraava Karn`a Pippalee
6 Karn`a Kan`d`oo Karn`a Kan`d`oo
7 Karn`a Varchas Karn`a Vidaarikaa
8 Krimi Karn`a Krimi Karn`a
9 Karn`a Pratinaaha Karn`a Pratinaaha
10 Karn`a Vidradhi –2

1. Dosha Vidradhi

2. Kshata Vidradhi

Karn`a Vidradhi


11 Karn`a Paaka Karn`a Tantrikaa
12 Pooti Karn`a Pooti Karn`a
13 Karn`a Ars`ha- 4

1. Vaataja

2. Pittaja

3. Kaphaja

4. Saannipaatika

Karn`a Ars`ha
14 Karn`a Arbuda- 7

1. Vaataja

2. Pittaja

3. Kaphaja

4. Raktaja

5. Maamsaja

6. Medoja

7. Saannipaatika

(S`haalaakya Tantra)

Karn`a Arbuda
15 Karn`a S`hopha- 4

1. Vaataja

2. Pittaja

3. Kaphaja

4. Saannipaatika

Karn`a S`hopha


Karn`a S`hoola:

Vaayu which is Vimaargaga (Anyathaa Chara), causes S`hoola (pain) around ear.

This pain can be caused by the Aavrita Vaayu by other Dosha like Kaphaavrita VaayuPittaavrita Vaayu and Raktaavrita Vaayu. This is difficult to treat. It is Krichchhrasaadhya.

Karn`Naada Pran`aada:

Vimaargaga Vaayu (Vaayu traversing through the channels other than its normal way), when harbours in theS`habdavaahee Naad`ee, it causes different types of sounds, which is called as Karn`Pran`aada.



When a condition where Vimaargaga Vaayu, harbour in to the S`habdavaha Siraa which is associated with Kapha; remains untreated then this manifests with the disease called as Baadhirya. This manifests with the Uchchhaih S`hruti(persons hear large sound).


Karn`a Kshved`a:

In a person to whom S`hodhana Nasya is given and who is consuming cold stuffs; due to physical strain, depletion ofDhaatu (Kshaya), consumption of Rooksha and Kashaaya (dry and astringent) diet, Vaayu resides in the S`habdavaha Srotas causing Karn`Kshved`a. As per Maadhava NidaanaVaayu associated with Pitta etc. causes sound like Ven`uGhosha, which is Karn`a Kshved`a.


Karn`Sraava (Samsraava):

Due to trauma on the head, sinking in to the water, suppuration of Vidradhi, there is secretion of Pooya which is called as Karn`a Samsraava.



In Karn`a Srotas, due to accumulation of Kapha (Kapha Prachita), there is manifestation of Kan`d`ooVaayu withKapha is responsible for Karn`a Kan`d`oo according to Maadhava Nidaana.


Pitta and Teja dry out the Kapha in the Karn`a Srotas causing Karn`a Goothaka.



When Wax in the ear (Karn`a Mala), liquefies and traverse to the Ghraan`a Mukha then it manifests with Karn`a Pratinaaha and S`hirobhitaapa. There is Vaatas`hoshita S`hleshmaa, in the pathogenesis of Karn`a Pratinaaha.


Krimi Karn`aka:

There is formation of Krimi. This is Krimi Karn`aka. There is Rakta and Maamasa Dusht`i. This may be vitiated byVaataPitta or Kapha.


Karn`a VidradhiIt is of two types

o       KshatajaIt is caused due to trauma on the ear.

o       DoshajaDue to Dosha Vriddhi.






Karn`a Paaka:

There is suppuration of Karn`a due to Pitta Prakopa. There is VikothaVikleda of ear.


Pooti Karn`a:

Kapha in the Karn`a Srotas which is liquefied due to Pitta causes pain or it may be painless, there is solid suppurated secretion, called as Pooti Karn`aka. As per Vaagbhat`a, due to Vidaghda Kapha caused by Pitta causes GhanaPootiand Kleda Sraava; which may be with or without pain; is called as Pootikarn`a.

Karn`a Ars`ha / S`hopha / Arbuda:

Ars`ha / S`hopha Arbuda; all these diseases when manifest on the ear then they are labelled after the name of the organ as Karn`a Ars`ha etc.

As per Vaagbhat`a, there is RujaaPootikarn`atva and Badhiratva.


Karn`a S`hoola:

  1. Vaataja Karn`aRoga (Karn`a S`hoola)

Due to factors like Pratis`hyaayaJala Kreed`aa (sinking in the water), Karn`a Kan`d`ooyana (itching in the ear),Mithyaayoga of S`habdaVaayu gets aggravated. It harbours in to the Shabda Vahee Siraa causing pain (S`hoola). There may be ArdhaavabhedakaStambha, intolerance to S`his`hiraabhinandanam (cold), Chiraat Paakam (later suppuration), Laseekaa Sraava, S`hrotra S`hoonyatvaAkasmaat Sanchaara Vichaara (Sthagitatva Asthagitatva).


  1. Pittaja Karn`aRoga (Karn`a S`hoola)

There is typical Paittika S`hoola like DaahaOsha, S`heetechchha (demand for cold stuffs), S`hothaJvara,Aas`hupaaka (quick suppuration), then Peeta Laseekaa Sraava (yellow coloured secretions). Where ever this Laseekaagets touched, there occurs the suppuration.


  1. Kaphaja Karn`aRoga (Karn`a S`hoola)

There is S`hirograhaGreevaa GauravaMandataaRujaa (pain). There is Kan`d`oo, S`hvayathuOoshn`echchhaa(demand for hot stuffs). There are solid thick secretions.


  1. Raktaja Karn`aRoga (Karn`a S`hoola)

There is pain in the ear. It may be vitiated due to trauma etc. It manifests with the symptoms same as Pittaja Karn`aRoga. Or there may be some more symptoms.


  1. Sannipaatika Karn`aRoga (Karn`a S`hoola)

This is caused due to all the three Dosha. This is Sannipaatika Karn`Roga. It manifests with S`hothaJvaraTeevra Rujaa (severe pain). A person demands for cold or hot stuffs. There is S`hruti Jaad`ya. There is secretion of SitaAsita Rakta. This is solid and flowing secretions.



In the foetal life itself, there is constriction of Karn`a S`hashkuli due to Vaata Prakopa.


Karn`a Pippalee:

There is muscular growth on the ear, Pinna, in the foetal life which is called as Karn`a Pippalee.


Karn`a Vidaarikaa:

Due to Saannipaata, there is painful Oedema, which is stable. If it is not treated properly, then it secretes like Kat`uTaila. It heals very slowly. After healing it constricts the ear pinna causing Karn`Vidaarikaa.



Vaayu residing in the Siraa causes Paalee S`hosha.


Karn`a Tantrikaa:

Due to Vaata vitiation, the S`hashkuli becomes Kris`haDrid`ha, and like Tantree called as Tantrikaa.



Due to vitiated Vaayu, on the smooth Karn`a S`hashkulee, there is manifestation of S`hopha suddenly. There is pain. It becomes Arun`a in colour. This is called as Paripot`a as there is manifestation of Paripot`a.



This is called due to vitiated Pitta and S`hon`ita. Due to heavy ear ornaments, there is pain and Daaha and Paaka. It manifests with S`hothaPit`ikaaRaagaUshaa and Kleda. This is called as Utpaata.


Gallira Unmantha:

Due to vitiation of Vaata and Kapha, there is manifestation of painless S`hopha. S`hopha is stable, and with itching (Kan`d`Oo). It is called as Unmantha or Gallira.


Duhkhavardhana :

If ear is not properly perforated, then there is Kan`d`oo, DaahaPaakaRuk. This is called as Duhkhavardhana.


Lehya / Parilehi:

There is formation of Pit`ikaa due to vitiated Kapha and Rakta. It happens also due to Krimi. There is Kan`d`oo, Kledaand Vedanaa.


While describing ChikitsaaSus`hruta in Chikitsaasthaana, has mentioned following Vyaadhi.

  1. Utput`aka
  2. S`hyaava
  3. Kan`d`ooyuta
  4. Avamantha
  5. Sakan`d`ooka
  6. Granthika
  7. Jambula





Karn`a Roga Chikitsaa


C.Chi.26, S.U.21, A.H.U.18, N.R. Karn`aroga



Karn`a Rogaa are the diseases related to Karn`a Srotas or Karn`a S`hashkulee. There are 28 types of Karn`a Roga mentioned in S`haalaakya Tantra


Saamanya Chikitsa:


Ghrita Paana





Karn`a Pooran`a

Treatment as per Dosha

Vaataja Pratis`hyaaya Chikitsaa


Vis`hesha Chikitsaa:



Karn`a S`hoola:

Karn`a Pooran`a – Any one of the 8 Mootra is used for Karn`a Pooran`a.


o       Vaataja Karn`a S`hoola Chikitsaa:

Maamsa Rasa along with Vaataghna Ghrita should be consumed at night.

Karn`a Svedana and Karn`a Pooran`a.

Mahaasneha Prayoga.

Vaatavyaadhi and Pratis`hyaaya similar Chikitsaa is indicated.


o       Pittaja Karn`a S`hoola Chikitsaa:

Pittaghna Chikitsaa.

Ghrita along with sugar early in the morning is indicated.


Karn`a Pooran`a

Lepa on ear pinna.


o       Kaphaja Karn`a S`hoola Chikitsaa:



Ghrita Paana


Karn`a Pooran`a




o       Raktaja Karn`a S`hoola Chikitsaa:

Chikitsaa similar to Pittaja Karn`a S`hoola

If S`hoola persists then Siraavyadha should be done immediately.


Karn`a Kshved`a Chikitsaa:

Sarshapa Taila Karn`a Pooran`a is specifically indicated.


Karn`a Naada Chikitsaa:

Similar to Vaataja Karn`a S`hoola

If associated with Kapha then Vamana, Dhoomapaana Nasya and other Kaphaghna measures should be adopted.


Karn`a Baadhirya Chikitsaa:

Chikitsaa of Pratihs`hyaaya and Vaatavyaadhi is indicated.

If associated with Kapha then Vamana, Dhoomapaana Nasya and other Kaphaghna measures should be adopted.



S`hiro Virechana



Karn`a Pooran`a




Karn`a Sraava Chikitsaa:


Pooti Karn`a Chikitsaa:


Krimi Karn`a Chikitsaa:



Krimi Karn`a Chikitsaa:

  • Krimighna Chikitsaa is indicated along with Vamana, Dhoomapaana and Kavala Dhaarana.
  • Karn`a Sraava Chikitsaa


Karn`a Vidradhi Chikitsaa:

  • Vamana
  • Vidradhi Chikitsaa is indicated.
  • Kshataja Vidradhi Chikitsaa: Similar to Pittaja Karn`a S`hoola Chikitsaa




Karn`a Gootha Chikitsaa:

Snehana, Svedana, extraction of liquefied wax by S`halaakaa.


Karn`a Kan`d`oo Chikitsaa:

  • Vamana
  • Naad`ee Sveda
  • Dhoomapaana
  • Kaphaghna Chikitsaa
  • S`hirovirechana


Karn`a Prateenaaha Chikitsaa:



Karn`a Paaka Chikitsaa:

  • Dhoomapaana
  • Gan`d`oosha
  • Nasya
  • Naad`ee Sveda
  • Dusht`a Vran`ahara Chikitsaa
  • Dhoopana
  • Karn`a Pichu / Varti
  • Pittaja Visarpa Chikitsaa


Karn`a Svaapa Chikitsaa: Rakta Mokshan`a


Karn`a S`hopha Chikitsaa:

Snehana, Svedana, Vamana, Kat`u- Tikta- Ushn`a Dravya Lepa.


Karn`a Kleda Chikitsaa: Vamana, Karn`a S`hodhana


Manda S`hruta Chikitsaa: Vamana


Karn`a Ars`ha, Karn`aarbuda Chikitsaa: Naasaars`ha, Naasaarbuda Chikitsaa


Karn`a Vidaarikaa (Aama) Chikitsaa: Dosha, Vidradhi Chikitsaa


Karn`a Paalee S`hosha Chikitsaa:

  • Vaataja Karn`a S`hoola Chikitsaa
  • Nasya
  • Lepa
  • Svedana
  • Pusht`ikara Sneha Abhyanga
  • Ksheen`a Karn`a Paalee Chedana should be done followed by Seevana and Poshan`a.


Paripot`a Chikitsaa: Karn`a Paalee S`hosha Chikitsaa


Utpaata Chikitsaa:

  • Karn`a Paalee Abhyanga
  • Ghrita mentioned in Visarpa for Abhyanga and Paana
  • Jalaukaavachaaran`a
  • S`heetala Lepa


Unmantha Chikitsaa:

  • Abhyanga
  • Nasya


Duhkhavardhana Chikitsaa:

  • Parisheka
  • Avachoorn`ana
  • Abhyanga


Parilehee Chikitsaa:

  • Svedana
  • Lepa
  • Vran`a Lepana


Chhinna Karn`a Chikitsaa:

S`hodhana and Sandhaana


  • Karn`a Sandhaana Vidhi:
  1. Lekhanaand Chhedana at the Kes`haanta Pradesha.
  2. Ear pinna should be aligned well.
  3. Pasteof honey and ghee should be applied on the incised site.
  4. Tie or bandage well with aPichu or a cloth neither too tight nor loose.
  5. Avachoorn`ashould be done for haemostasis and promoting wound healing.
  6. After 7 days the bandage should be soaked withAama Taila and removed gradually




S`hooka- Yava, Mudga, S`haalee, Godhooma

S`haaka- S`higruphala, Pat`ola, Vrintaaka, Kat`hillaka,

Maamsa- Laavaa Maamsa, Mayoora Maamsa, Vana Kukkut`a Maamsa

Dugdha- Jeern`a Ghrita

Other- Brahmacharya, Nasya, Dhooma, Sveda, Virechana, Vamana, Gan`d`oosha, Siraavyadha



Gun`a – Guru

Karma –

  • Vyaayaama
  • Use of cold water
  • Head Bath
  • Excessive conversations
  • Sexual indulgence
  • Other- Kaphakara Aahaara, Dantadhaavana, S`hirasnaana, Vyaayaama, Parisheka



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