If the person suffering from Paan`d`uroga indulges in diet and life style which vitiates Pitta, it results in Kaamalaa. This disease can manifest directly even without manifestation of Paan`d`uroga.

It is of two types:

  1. S`haakhaas`hrita Kaamalaa also known as Ruddhapatha Kaamalaa
  2. Kosht` has`haakhaas`hrita Kaamalaa also known as Bahupitta Kaamalaa.


If not specified, Kaamalaa Chikitsaa is generally considered as treatment of Bahupitta Kaamalaa.


It is generally said that S`haakhaas`hrita Bahupittaa Kaamalaa is manifested after Kaamalaa while S`haakhaas`hrita Alpapittaa Kaamalaa manifests without prerequisite of Kaamalaa.


Saamanya Chikitsaa:

o       As there is vitiated Pitta in large amounts, Virechana is the purification modality of choice. The drugs used for Virechana should have Tikta Rasa and Mridu Virechakaeffect.

o       Generally Kaamalaa is the sequel of Paan`d`uroga, hence its medication should not be contradictory to Paan`d`uroga.

o       In both the types after S`hodhana treatment S`hamana is done. S`hamana Dravyaa should be 

Pittaghna (drugs which annihilate Pitta)

Paan`d`uroga Avirodhi (drugs non conflicting with Paan`d`uroga)

o       Draakshaa Rasa (grape juice) and Aamalakee Rasa (juice of embelic myrobalans) should be used for preparing food as well as for drinking.



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