Virechana Treatment at Home
Virechana Treatment at Home

Virechana Treatment at Home

If you are interested in performing virechana treatment at home, you are probably wondering what exactly this procedure entails. This article will discuss the benefits of this traditional therapy and how to conduct it yourself. It will also discuss possible contraindications and what to do if your condition does not respond to the treatment. Here are some tips to get you started. First, always consult your doctor for a thorough examination and prescription.

What is virechana ?

The traditional practice of Virechana includes several steps. The first is Abhyanga followed by swedana, which brings doshas from different parts of the body to the duodenum. This involves applying ghee or oils to the skin. It is also followed by snehakarma, which involves the drinking of medicated ghee. The toxins are then expelled through Virechana once samyak snigdha lakshana is found. Most often these therapies are performed over five days to eight days.

Virechana treatment is a form of Panchakarma. It focuses on purifying the mind and body by flushing out toxins from the body. Virechana karma involves different steps as mentioned above, but you can perform this as recommended by your Ayurvedic Physicians, depending on your overall health and the condition of your body.

How to do virechana at home

If you’re wondering how to do Virechana treatment at home, look no further! This ancient Ayurvedic treatment is a great way to cleanse the body and mind from the inside out. Virechana is a purgative remedy that involves using a series of preparatory procedures that extract the toxic pitta from the intestines.

Virechana can be safely done at home using Avipatti Choorna, You can go to Online Consultation Portal and have a consultation with a qualified Doctor, to understand how safely one can undergo Virechana from the comfort of your Home.

The ingredients used in Virechana differ based on the Dosha of the patient. A milder medication is recommended for weakened individuals or those with a small Dosha imbalance. It is also recommended for patients with a history of purification therapy or an unknown Kostha. The treatment is safe and effective. The patient should enter a room that’s not exposed to wind.

After the purgation, the patient begins a five-day diet of kanji (a traditional Indian soup made from red or brown rice) and ghee. Patients can also consume special digestive and carminative supplements. The patient is also supposed to take a bath, lukewarm, and a thin gruel of old rice. This gruel is a part of the treatment, and should be given with respect to the patient’s digestive capacity.

What are the benefits of virechana

The Ayurvedic treatment known as Virechana focuses on treating various ailments and imbalances within the body, including indigestion, chronic constipation, hepatitis, syphilis, ulcerative colitis, and psoriasis. It also improves mental tranquility, improves energy levels, and purifies blood and skin. Virechana is a comprehensive regimen. It involves a combination of internal administration and external application of herbs and ghee.

People with weak Dosha or unknown Kostha should take a mild purgative drug. The process is followed by a lukewarm bath. The patient is required to drink only lukewarm water to prevent dehydration. The person should also lie down in a shady room away from direct sunlight.

contra indications of virechana

The contraindications of Virechana treatment at home include the following: a chronic fever. Contraindications to Virechana treatment at home include excessive bloating and heaviness. These conditions can lead to a range of side effects, including diarrhea, nausea, and shortness of breath.

Before starting Virechana treatment at home, patients must be in good health and have adequate digestion. They should avoid cold drinks, baths, and heavy food for three days. Instead, patients must follow a special diet of warm, easily digestible food. Virechana is a powerful ayurvedic remedy that is highly effective for obstinate skin disorders and cough.

If you are experiencing severe constipation, you should seek a professional Ayurvedic physician. If you cannot afford an Ayurvedic doctor, an online Ayurvedic doctor may be able to help you through Virechana. It is a comprehensive procedure with many different steps, including Snehana (a technique used to dissolve fat-soluble toxins), and Svedana (fomentation therapy).


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