Ayurvedic Herbs


About the drug :- Karkatasringi, it is known by the botanical name Pistacia integerrima belonging to Anacardaceae it has main actions like kapha vatahara, vrsya, grahi, dipana etc. It is an important herb with excellent therapeutic utility in kasa rogas.     LITERARY REVIEW   A herb karkatika is described in kesava paddhati (25/22). However its identity with P. interrima...

Amalaki – Embelica Officinalis

                  INTRODUCTION   Amla is one of the most celebrate herb in the Indian traditional medicine, Ayurveda. Amla’s traditional uses include as a laxative,eye wash,appetite stimulant,restorative tonic and to treat anorexia and jaundice. Amla is becoming increasingly well known to its unusually high level of vitamine C which is resistant to storage and heat damage due to cooking. It...


  GMELINA ARBOREA     INTRODUCTION   Gambhari is considered as Rakshoghna in nature as per ancient text in India. It is important among the true used in Yajna. It is one among the Brihat Panchamoola.   It will be interesting to note that the term Gambhar used routinely now for Kashmari was not mentioned in Brihat trayi. However ,other synonyms Like...

YAVASA – Alhagi Camelorum

YAVASA Alhagi Camelorum                 The drug Yavasa, is known by the  botanical name  Alhagi camelorum, belonging to fabaceae family. It has main action like pitta-shleshma prashamana, trsnanigrahana, dahaprasamana etc.. It is an important herb with excellent therapeutic utiltiy in jvara, raktapitta . It is one among the controversial drug. WHO has evolved guidelines to support the...


Yastimadhu                        LITERARY VIEW   MADHUKA OR MADHU YASTIKA are known to the physicians since vedic period. Atharva Parisishta described Madhuka and is considered as Dourbhagya Nashana. Commentators like SAYANA identified it with YASTIMADHU. It was used in the treatment of animal poisons and it is quoted in the context of mulavidhi. Brihat trayi used this herb extensively...

Vikantaka – (Flacourtica indica)

  Vikantaka (Flacourtica indica)   “Vikantaka” is botanically identified as “Flacourtia indica” belongs to flacourtiace family. It is perennial herb with greenish yellow colour flowers. It is found in a temperate region of India. It is quoted by Charaka under Phala Varga. Susruta and Vagbhatta have also mentioned it some indentity it with Gymnosporia Spinosa flori onurs consider Kantaka.     SYNONYMS   Vykandika...

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