In the current era a lot of people are suffering from Burning sensation in their extremities

Treatment ideology:- First of all the most common reason for such type of burning sensation is due to failure of blood circulation to such parts, in such case  check whether circulation is proper or not, especially varicose vein etc should be noticed. Next People who have diabetes, who has nerve disorders, who have a job involving standing for a long time are prone to this disease.

Those who wear sweat absorbing shoes and whose feet are constantly under friction due to walking etc will also get such symptoms.

Treatment in Ayurveda:-

First of all:-

Incase of Varicose Vein one should do the Ayurvedic methods to treat Varicose Veins.

Those who has diabetes etc should be given the treatment for diabetes.

Those who have the habit of walking long distance and standing prolonged time should be advised not to do so.

Those who wear sweat absorbing shoes  should be advised not to do so.

Patient is advised not to take Sour, Salt, Spicy,tamarind, Chilly food items


Patient is given drugs that help in reducing pitta dosha, blood purifying drugs are also given.

In severe cases with other associated symptoms purgation is done according to situation.

Inorder to correct circulatory failure that particular extremity should be given sweating (Svedana) by transforming heat through a cloth dipped in hot water or by other methods.

Later that complete extremity on the course of blood vessels should be applied with medicated ayurvedic medicated oil which is heated and should be massaged to and fro.

These two above mentioned methods will increase blood flow, remove the sediments from blood vessels, dialates the blood vessels.

Externally over the extremities ghee preparations(Ghrtha medicated) should be applied.

Other than all this:-

  • Eat rice with green gram. Add ghee.
  • Eat rice with milk and sugar.
  • Drink watermelon juice, barley water, coconut water, butter milk.
  • Walk barefooted
  • Vitamin B 3 supplement or foods like Peas, beans, milk, yoghurt, egg yolk etc



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