Worm Infestation(KrimiRogaChikits in Ayurveda)


There are mainly 3 types of Management in KrimiChikitsa

  1. Apakarshana:- Apakarshana means extraction of Krimi with the help of instruments etc, it is also mentioned that Krimi residing inside the body should be eliminated out with some of the Shodhana( elimination) therapies like Sirovirechana, Vamana, Virechana( Purgation), Vasthi (Enema).

2.PrakritiVighatha:- In this step we have to make patient body unsuitable for the Krimi’s to reside by giving drugs with such properties that is unfavourable for worms

  1. NidanaTyaga:- One should avoid all the factors which become etiology for growth of Krimi.

Other Than these:-

Some of the Medicines that are Krimihara can be given.


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