Vrikshadanyadi choornam

Vrikshadanyadi choornam

Reference : AstangaSangraha Sutrastana Mahakashaya sangraha-33.

Vrikshadanyadi choornam: Is an Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine in Powder, All the below mentioned drugs are dried and powdered separately and later it is mixed together in a fixed ratio


SI No Sanskrit name Quantity
1 Vrikshadani 1 Part
2 Gokshura 1 Part
3 Darbha 1 Part
4 Ilkkata 1 Part
5 Vasuka 1 Part
6 Vasira 1 Part
7 Kusha 1 Part
8 Kasa 1 Part
9 Gundra 1 Part
10 Pashanabheda 1 Part


Ayurvedic properties of Vrikshadanyadi choornam:

Roga karma: Mutra virechaniya.

Dosha karma: Tridoshahara mainly Pittahara.

Other karma: Shophahara.

With all the above said properties, this particular medicinal formulation can be used in urinary system related complaints like burning micturation, urinary calculi and renal failure.

Dose : 5 grams of powder boiled along with 400ml of water and reduce to 100ml, Twice daily before or after food as directed by physician.




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