Varuna mudra benefits
Varuna mudra benefits

Varuna mudra benefits

There are numerous Varuna mudra benefits that one can with the yoga posture. This posture has many benefits for your body, including cleansing your kidney and boosting your urination. Other benefits include reducing the risk of joint degeneration, relieving dry mouth and body, and preventing short menstrual cycles. What’s more, it has no known side effects. Read on to learn about some of the most beneficial benefits of this posture.

Introduction: What is varuna mudra ?

Varuna mudra balances the air element in the body and increases the flow of prana in the body. The hand position involves the index finger being bent inside the palm, and the thumb holding down the little finger. The remaining two fingers will be extended parallel to each other. This hand position also promotes better eyesight and reduces acidity in the body.

The first step to performing this yoga mudra is to sit in a comfortable position. Then, close your eyes and focus on your breathing and Third Eye chakra. It is easier to do with closed eyes. While performing this mudra, rub your hands together with your eyes closed to encourage the blood flow in your hands. This friction will activate the nerve endings in your hands and stimulate cells that are connected to your body’s organs.

Varuna mudra benefits if practiced on daily basis ?

The Varunaa Mudra is performed while kneeling on the floor. To begin the mudra, touch the tip of your little finger with the tip of your thumb. Relax the other three fingers. While holding the mudra, keep your mind quiet and free of all thoughts. Varuna mudra benefits are many including cleansing the kidneys, improving urination, and controlling cholesterol. If practiced correctly, this mudra can have many health benefits.

It also helps to restore the sensation of taste, eliminate dehydration, and prevent dry skin. This yoga pose helps to improve the skin texture, as well as reducing wrinkles. It is beneficial to people with dry skin, eyes, and hair. The water element in the body is regulated in the body with Varuna Mudra. It can help people suffering from various health conditions, including skin disorders and acne.

Varuna mudra and prana energy

The practice of Varuna mudra is extremely beneficial for the body’s fluid circulation, it will also improve the Prana energy flow in the body. In yoga, this gesture is performed during Padmasana and Sukhasana, two postures that are in a comfortable and steady balance.

This mudra helps the body stay hydrated by rehydrating cells and tissues. By establishing improved energy flow it will help to improve immunity along with general wellness from the metabolic level. Thus it enables body to overcome several disorders like reducing stomach ulcers, and improving overall health. In addition, Varuna mudra is very beneficial for external beauty, including a glowing face. The technique is beneficial for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and improving the skin’s tone.

How to do varuna mudra ?

If you are wondering how to do varuna mudra, you are not alone. This simple mudra can help you balance your water element and improve your mood. You can practice this meditation three times daily for 15 minutes, or anywhere you find a quiet place to do it. Just be sure to follow the proper form and position for best results. You should also keep your palms facing upward while performing the mudra. The aim of this meditation is to remove all mental and physical distractions so that your mind is clear and calm.

The Varuna mudra is the best way to improve your external beauty and protect your skin from problems. This mudra involves touching the tip of your thumb with the tip of your little finger. Once you have done this, sit cross-legged. This mudra will balance your water in the body, giving you a glow on your face. In addition, it is beneficial for relieving muscle pains and improving the skin’s condition.


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