In UpanahaUpanaha Sweda Sweda, any local body part is made to foment by the application of warm paste of roots of Vata mitigating drugs macerated in sour medium along with Lavana(salt) and Sneha(fats).

According to mode of application its of 3types:-

Pradeha:- In this type of Upanaha Sweda, the warm paste is simply applied to the affected part.

Bandhana:- In this type of Upanaha Sweda, the warm paste is kept evenly in a cloth bandage and this bandage is applied to the affected part.

Pinda Sweda/Sankara Sweda:- In this type of Upanaha Sweda, the drugs of Gana’s like Kakolyadi, Elaadi, Surasadi, along with tila, atasi, sarshapa, Krisara, Utkarika, Vesavara are made into paste(Kalka) and made into a potali(Bolus). Fomentation is produced by applying this to affected part of the body.


Acharya Vagbhatta Opines that:- Warm paste prepared by mixing Lavana(Salt), Sneha(Oil), Amladravya with drugs paste like Vacha, Shatapushpa, Kushta, Devadaru, Rasna, Eranda, Mamsa when applied to the body part by binding it with a leather strap is called as Upanaha Sweda.

Indications:- Arthritis, Bursitis, Frozen Shoulder, Ankylosis, Varicosity.



The affected part of the patient’s body is applied with warm medicated oil.

A paste is made by mixing powders(Choorna) like Nagaradi Choorna or Kottamchukadi Choorna  with Amladravya(Sour substance), Taila(Oil), Saindhava(Salts). This Paste is made warm afterwards.

This Paste is applied on the affected part

Eranda leaves are kept over this paste

Bandaging is done over this Eranda leaf with thick woollen or cotton cloth



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