Treatment For Swasa (Asthma)

In Swasa there will be difficulty in Respiration Since the PranaVahaSrotas is Obstructed By Vitiated KaphaDosha which will cause Vata or Air to Move in its opposite Direction than Usual direction

In Classics the same treatment is told for Hikka(Hiccough), Swasa(Dyspnoea) and Ardita(Facial palsy).

In all these cases one should give Snehana(Oleation Therapy), followed by which swedana should be done.

Applying LavanaTaila(Oil mixed with Salt) over chest should  give good results since all these procedures cuaseKapha to get liquefied and makes to Vata get Pacified there by getting Relief.

Other than this

ShamanaChikitsa which pacifies Kaphadosha can also be given.

Also restrain from dust, smoke and allergents which may result or cause Swasa

Avoid Cold and Heavy Food Items


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