Thalapothichil is mainly done in Psychosomatic Disorders, in this particular treatment medicated Kalka(Paste) is applied over the head and is covered with a plantain leaf.

Indications:- Insomnia, Psychiatric Diseases.

Ingredients:- Powders(Choorna) of Amalaki(Gooseberry), Musta, Kushmanda, Mandukaparni, Brahmi, Panchaganda Choorna.


Patient is allowed to sit comfortably(It is advised to remove hair to get a full fledged effect).

Patient is massaged on the head with lukewarm oil and mild fomentation is given.

Above the level of Ears and Eye brows a cloth is tied around the head

Then the paste that is already prepared by mixing powders of (Choorna) of Amalaki(Gooseberry), Musta, Kushmanda, Mandukaparni, Brahmi, Panchaganda Choorna with Buttermilk is pasted thickly on the Scalp.

It should be paste in such a order that paste is first applied on the front followed by Right side, followed by Back side, followed by left side so that a small central portion is left unpasted.

Now Oil for Thala is poured to this Central portion.

With the mentioned leaf, paste is covered completely and after covering the paste with leaf another cloth strand is tied above this leaf to keep it in position.

This paste should be kept for a Duration of 30 – 60min, after the stipulated time period paste should be completely removed and Rasnadi Choorna(Rasnadi Powder) is applied over the Vertex.


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