This is the exercise for whole body means sarvangasana Lie comfortably on your back. Arms straight and by the side of your body. lift your legs keeping them close to each other and straight in the knees until you reach ninety degrees. Continue lifting your back giving support from behind with the help of your hands, First bring your legs at an acute angle with the trunk. Adjust your hands properly so that they can comfortably bear the weight of the trunk.



Sarvangasana sarvangasana



Once the position of hands is properly adjusted, continue sliding your hands down toward the shoulder blades. Bring your trunk and lower limbs in one line, so that the chin snugly fits into the clavicular notch. Adjust the hands to bear the weight properly. Keep looking at the stretched toes of your feet. Maintain this position for some time. Gradually bend your lower limbs in the direction of your head. Keep your legs straight in the knees. Take your hands off your back. Place your arms by the side of your body, with palms touching the floor. Gradually lower your trunk so that the shoulders, upper back, lower hack, hips, back of the thighs, back of the knees, calves, ankles and feet touch the ground in that order. Relax in the usual supine position with legs spread apart.




It helps in activating the blood flow towards neck and head. All our body organs are nourished. Disorders of thyroid, tonsils, neck lungs and ears are removed and strength of brain and nerves is increased. Eye ight is im­proved. Circulatory respiratory, and alimentary systems of body get great strength.


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