Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

The procedure in which Netra Tarpan`a is done with the help of juice extracted by Put`apaaka method.



  1. Lekhana Put`apaaka
  2. Snehana Put`apaaka
  3. Prasaadana Put`apaaka


Poorvakarma (Prerequisites):

Patient preparation:

The patient should under go S`hodhana (Vamana, Virechana, Raktamokshan`a, Nirooha Basti) and S`hiro Virechana Nasya (Errhines) this leads to elimination of the vitiated three Dosha. A cleaner internal environment and improved sensorimotor apparatus function called as Mastishka S`hodhana should be achieved. S.U. 18 /5-11

The patient should be examined by the Vaidya with respect to digestion status of the previous day. This gives information about the Agni status of the person.

The room where Netra Tarpan`a is to be administered should be closed, devoid of direct breeze, sunlight, smoke, and should be furnished with curtains of colours except blue and yellow.. A.S. Su. 33/3

Selection of auspicious and suitable time for the patient. S.U.18/5



The Lekhana, Snehana and Prasaadana Put`apaaka should be retained around eye for 100, 200 and 300 Maatraa consecutively.

For Lekhana and Snehana Put`apaaka the medicine should be lukewarm and for Prasaadana Put`apaaka it should be cold.

Put`apaaka should be done only for one day for Kapha dominance.

Put`apaaka should be done consecutively for two days for Pitta dominance.

Put`apaaka should be done consecutively for three days for Vaata dominance.



Dhoomapaana should be done after Lekhana and Snehana Put`apaaka.

The patient should not be allowed to face direct bright light immediately after Tarpan`a

The patient should not be allowed to see bright objects and sky immediately after Tarpan`a

The patient should follow the dietary and lifestyle regime for double the period of Put`apaaka treatment.

The patient should keep pack of petals of jasmine flowers over the eyes for cooling effect at night during the period of treatment.



Samyak Yoga (Benefits):

Prasanna Varn`a (improves glow of eyes)

Vis`hada Netra (cleanses eye)

Vaata Aatapasaha (improves tolerance of the eye for sun and wind)

Sukha Svapna (good sleep)

Sukha Svapna Avabodha (easy awakening)


Rujaa (pain in eye)

S`hotha (oedema of eye)

Pid`akaa (blisters)

Timira (vision problem)


Paaka (inflammation of eye)

As`hru (increased lacrimation)

Netra Harsha



Other Description:

Snehana Put`apaaka should be administered in Vaataja Abhishyanda, Raktaja Abhishyanda, Raktaja Adhimantha, Siraaharsha, Sirotpaata and Vaataja Adhimantha Netra Roga.

Snehana and Prasaadana Put`apaaka should be administered in Vaataja Timira Netra Roga.

Other indications and various formulations used can be got through Anveshak search facility.





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