Pracchana Raktamokshana

This type of Raktamokshana can be done as a Poorvakarma(Pre-operative procedure) in Srnga, Alabu, Ghati type of Rakta Mokshana.

In this type of Raktamokshana, bloodletting is done by Scraping the area with a Sharp Instrument.

Indications:- Uttana Rakta, Ekadesa Pindita Rakta.



The Site where Pracchana is to be done should be cleaned well and a Bandhana(Ligation) is done above the site of Pracchana.

After ligating a sharp instrument is taken and the area is scrapped avoiding Snayu(Ligaments), Sandhi(Joints), Asthi(Bones), Marma(Vital Points), Sira(Veins).

The Pracchana should be done in such a manner that it should be straight, Neither too Superficial nor too deep, it should not be oblique and should not be very near to other pracchana line.


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