Jambeera Pinda Sweda

In Jambira Pinda Sweda, Potali(Bolus) containing Lemon which is heated with Medicated Oil is applied over Patients body, in such a way that the Bolus is made to have sudden contact over each adjacent part of the body for  a fraction of seconds, so that ample heat is transferred to patients body

Indications:- Amavata(Rheumatoid Arthritis), Osteo Arthritis, Muscular Cramps, Avabahuka, Stiffness of Joints.


Ingredients:- Lemon, Powders of Methika, Satahva, Haridra, Lasuna, Saindhava, Castor Oil

Preparation of Potali(Bolus):-  First of all 2 to 3 Lemon are taken and cut  each of them into 4 pieces, Add equal quantity of scraped coconut Kernel

This mixture should be added to a frying Pan and all the above mentioned powders should be added (Adding of Rasona or Garlic is Optional)

Afterwards this mixture should be fried with suitable medicated Oil.

It should be taken off from frying pan when it gets a brown color.

This fried mixture should be equally put into two piece of Cloths respectively and they are tied individually into a bolus.


Patient should be given Abhyanga or Massage First

The Bolus or Potali is kept in a pan with sufficient quantity of Medicated Oil and is Heated.

The Therapist should be careful regarding the temperature of Potali or Bolus, Inorder to check hotness of the bolus – he can touch the bolus with the back side of his palm.

After feeling that the temperature of the bolus is suitable, the therapist can use it over patient’s afflicted body parts.

The application of the bolus to the body is in such a manner that the Bolus is made to have a contact with body part by placing it for a fraction of seconds and then it should be placed to the adjacent area.

One can even give a Kneading movement with the Bolus.

It should be remembered that if bolus is kept for more time on the body, patient may not be able to withstand the heat.

When therapist feels that the temperature has reduced, he should re – heat it by keeping it on the Pan.

It should be performed for 20 – 30 mins.

After finishing the procedure, Patient’s head should be applied with Rasnadi Choorna and Patient is advised to take a warm water Bath.


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