Haritha Manjari – Indian acalypha

‘Kuppameni’, ‘Vetti’, ‘etti’ is known since the vedic period and these are considered as the important oushadhas. These drags are under gone is different family.

Aporusa lendlegana plant is commonly known as Salle (in Kannada). The tree is frequently found in the Malnad region of Karnataka state. The plant is used as a traditional medicine for heeling skin deseases.

Lorathaleae family is the well known of the parents plants. Denropthae falcate is in that family it is a large bushy evergreen paramedic plant the plant bang properties like astngent, narrates bitter, diver tic and used.

AcalYpha indica is one of the important drag it is belonged in ‘Euphorbiace’. It grow as used in wastelands, throughout plants plant palletise radiated vata, ulcer, cough, skin diseases, arthritis, and constipation.




Vernacular Names

English – Indian acalypha

Hindi – Khokali

Kannada – Jalamali

Malayalam – Kuppameni

Sanskrit – Haritha Manjari

Tamil – Kadukkan

Telugu – Kupparte chittu

Tulu – Bangaara Kayi


Acalypha spicata

Acalypha ciliata

Systematic Classification

Kingdom – Plantae

Division – Magnoliophyta

Class – Magnoliopsida

Subclass – Malpegheales

Family Character

An great annual harts grows up to 60cm is heights. Leaves orates rhombic, with long petioles, acute, crenate serrate flowers unisexual, found in axllary speaks, fruits capsules, covered with persistent bracts, seeds aroids, pale brown.


Alkaloeds” acelypus” and” acalyphone


Habit: An erect annual herb, bran ched it grows up to 60cm is height.

Roots: Contains alkaloid

Leaf: Leaves acute rhombic, with long petiole, acute, crenate, serrate cyncate at base petioles are 3.0 -60cm long

Inflorescence: parsed & unparsed enclosed by large bracts of 0.5cm length deacons

Flower: unisexual, found in axillary spikes green, minute erect

Seed – brown, ovoid

Capsule, smooth, globose

Officinal part

Whole part of the plant


Chemical Composition


Plant contains Kaempferol, set sterol, triacetonaminc , leaves and twigs, acalyphine , acalyphamide and other amides quinine, sterols and gynogenic glycoside.


Rasa – Katu, Tikta

Guna- Laghu, Ruksha

Virya – Ushna


Actions & uses

Kasasvasahase, Kaphagna, Recani, Vamaka, virecani, mutrala

Prayoga and Uses

It is mainly used for the diseases ulcer cough, skin diseases, arthritis and constipation the leaves posses laxative properties used in the forms of powder or decoction mixed with garlic. They are used as asthelmistic. The powder of the dry leaves is used in bed stores.

Therapeutic uses

Haritamanjari plant is better, acrid and possess divers tic, expectorant, emetic anthelmic anodme

It causes gastro intestinal irritation. It is used as substitute for epiacea and sevege



950 – 1300 mg – cures respirator y diseases




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