How to Gain Weight With Ayurvedic Medicine
How to Gain Weight With Ayurvedic Medicine

How to Gain Weight With Ayurvedic Medicine

You may be wondering how to Gain Weight With Ayurvedic Medicine. This article will help you understand the benefits and principles of this ancient healing method. You will learn what is Ayurveda, what are the Doshas, and what foods you should avoid. Whether you are looking for ways to gain weight naturally, or if you’re interested in trying an Ayurvedic diet for a healthy body, this article will help you.

Introduction: what is Ayurveda and how can it help

The basis of Ayurvedic medicine is the belief that the human body is a microcosm of the universe, a balance of five elements, each of which serves a vital purpose. Among them fire element (Agni) transforms food into nutrients and warm energy for optimal health and vitality. The five senses and higher cerebral activity are signs of healthy vitality, and these qualities are also associated with the higher states of consciousness and understanding.

Ayurveda’s treatment philosophy centers on the individual’s Prakruti (body constitution), which is the blueprint of his or her physical and mental make-up. Understanding the effects of imbalance on the individual’s constitution and Prakruti can help the physician prescribe an appropriate course of treatment and medicine. By integrating lifestyle and Diet changes into the treatment plan, Ayurvedic physicians can maximize the therapeutic impact of the medicine and make it accessible to all.

Dosha types: which dosha type is most prone to weight gain, and what are the best remedies for them?

According to Ayurveda, all of us have some combination of the three doshas. Our mental and behavior functions are affected by our dosha type. These doshas are associated with different patterns of brain and nervous system functioning, and it is possible to determine which one you are if you know your dosha type. Ayurveda also explains that a person with a particular prakruti will be more susceptible to disease caused by that Particular dosha. In that context Kapha prakruti persons are more prone to weight gain and its difficult for a Vata prakruti person to gain weight.

Diet Plan : How to Gain Weight With Ayurvedic Medicine

Some of the patients might have already tried Ayurvedic Rasayana without consulting an Ayurvedic Doctor, which may make them think How to Gain Weight With Ayurvedic Medicine or What else might has not worked out. This is because its of Prime importance in Ayurveda that before planning diet or rasayana medicines to gain weight, patient should attain good appetite and digestive power. Medicines and Diet changes can be planned to improved appetite and digestion as a first step.

Natural food juices are best for weight gain. These juices are loaded with nutrients that will boost your metabolism and increase your body weight. Spices and herbs can help increase your appetite, too. People who spend a lot of time on their phones often skip meals. Therefore, adding a few tablespoons of these spices to your meal can help you put on weight naturally. These tips are not intended for quick results, but can be used as a starting point.

Ginger is a commonly used herb in Indian cooking and ayurvedic medicine. It is a great digestive aid, preventing bloating and ulcers. Underweight people can’t digest their food properly, so ginger can help them gain weight naturally. Licorice, a common herb used to treat indigestion, heartburn, and gastric ulcer, has few calories but can help people gain weight.

Foods to avoid: what are the worst foods to eat if you’re trying to gain weight?

Ayurvedic medicine provides holistic remedies for a healthy life. It promotes a stress-free lifestyle and helps you achieve your weight goal naturally. Healthy eating is key, as is exercising regularly and taking care of yourself. Here are some common foods to avoid for weight gain:

It is crucial to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. Some Ayurvedic grains can help you lose weight naturally. Steel-cut oats, millets, amaranth, and quinoa are all great choices. Vegetables rich in fiber are also great options. Drink plenty of lukewarm water throughout the day. Also, eat plenty of leafy greens.

As its mentioned in Ayurveda “Maamsam Maamsena Vardhathe” intake of meat and protein rich food will help to improve body weight

Herbal remedies: what herbal remedies can help with weight gain?

When the question arrives, How to Gain Weight With Ayurvedic Medicine – the answer for this is that some herbs can increase your weight, Ayurvedic herbs are derived from thousands of years of medical research and can help you gain weight naturally. There are set of herbs mentioned under Rasayana Chikithsa Adhikara, such herbs really helps patients to get rid of emaciation, weakness, fatigue, improve sperm count.

Ayurveda is the oldest medical science in the world and has been practiced for thousands of years. It addresses imbalances in the body and the role of food in controlling weight. By regulating the function of the entire body, the herbal remedies used in Ayurveda can help you get the body you have always dreamed of. They also are healthier than many modern diets.

Life Style Changes to be made:-

  1. Body will increase assimilation of nutrients from food only if there is a demand, so give proper exercise to all your body parts, hit gym if needed
  2. Do not skip meals, eat your food at regular time every day
  3. Do not skip your sleep


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