Cervilon Tablet Uses
Cervilon Tablet Uses

Cervilon Tablet Uses

If you have back pain, you may want to know about Cervilon tablet uses. This article will discuss what Cervilon tablets are, how to take them, and what the potential side effects are. This medicine is available as a soft gel cap and can be taken three times a day with water or as prescribed by your Physician. It has been shown to be effective for knee, neck, and upper back pain, as well as osteoarthritis and stiffness. These tablets contain ingredients such as Cassia tora and Cinnamomum iners.

What are cervilon tablets

Cervilon is an Indian Ayurvedic medicine that is effective for treating neck pain and other spinal disorders. It is also effective in treating osteoarthritis and knee pain, as well as stiffness in the neck. Cervilon tablets are a soft gel capsule that must be taken thrice daily with a glass of water. They contain a natural ingredient called Cinnamomum iners, which is used to treat a wide range of pain conditions.

The Cervilon oil is an Ayurvedic medicine manufactured by AVN Ayurveda Formulations Pvt. Ltd. This herbal medicine is commonly used for neck pain, giddiness, and cervical spondylosis. This product is typically taken for six to eight weeks before being discontinued or as recommended by your Physician. However, it is important to consult a doctor if you are using this product.

Uses of cervilon tablets

It is an herbal medicine that strengthens para-vertebral muscles in the neck and stops degenerative changes in the cervical spine. It can be taken as a prophylactic measure or as an acute treatment for pain in the neck. The capsule is an oral medication that can show results within 30 days. The capsule contains ingredients such as Cinnamomum iners, Cassia tora, and ginseng.

Cervilon tablets are available in two strengths, i.e., liquid and capsule. Both of them are effective in treating various conditions related to the neck. It is recommended to consult a physician before using either one of these products.

How to take cervilon tablets

It can be taken as a soft gel capsule, thrice daily with water. Patients take it on a regular basis to see results. Patients should take it as directed by their physicians.

Cervilon is an herbal Indian Ayurvedic medicine that helps prevent and treat cervical spondylosis. It corrects dehydration of intervertebral discs and arrests the degenerative process of the cervical spine. The capsule also strengthens para-vertebral muscles to reduce pain, soothes nerve irritation, and promotes healthy cervical movement. In addition, Cervilon provides a mild anti-inflammatory action.

Mode Of Action

  • Cervilon corrects the dehydration of the intervertebral disks
  • Cervilon thus arrests the degenerative changes of the cervical spine
  • Cervilon helps to strengthen the para-vertebral muscles of the neck.
  • Cervilon helps to relieve myo-fascial spasm
  • Cervilon also provides mild anti-inflammatory action


  • Cervical spondylosis with or without Radiculpahy, Myelopathy
  • Fibro-myalgia of the neck
  • Osteoarthritis of the facet joints


  • In Acute conditions : 2-3 capsules thrice
  • As a Preventive : 2 capsules twice daily


  • Blisters of 10 capsules in a Plasticjar

Side effects of cervilon tablets

Those suffering from neck pain or cervical spondylosis can take Cervilon tablets. This proprietary Ayurvedic medicine is effective in reducing neck pain. Cervilon tablets are taken orally and do not require any special diet restrictions. The medication also has mild anti-inflammatory properties. The side effects of Cervilon tablets are minimal and generally disappear in a matter of a few days.

Now a days one can purchase Cervilon tablets both from Online and Offline market. But its better to consult an Ayurvedic Doctor before purchasing the medicine by yourself.


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