Yogasanas – Complete guide to follow Yoga daily

Before Entering into the Different Techniques to follow, I will discuss some of the basics here, From next page you can get the different postures.  Even though these explanation feels like philosophy, it is better to read once before going for the practice.   What is Yoasanas ?   That which gives stability to the body and mind...

Yoga & Ayurveda Relation

Aims of Ayurveda & Yoga are same ie. Attainment of salvation. Health is a main root through which, one can acieve salvation. In Caraka samhita, Sarira sthana vast references of yoga is available. Recurrence of all feeling are blocked through yoga & moksa. The complete eradication of feelings are attained through yoga & moksa. The complete...

Yoga Postures or Yogasnanas

Here we will see different Yoga postures or Asanas. We will explain step by step instruction for following it. We advice you to take a consultation with us before starting the practice.   Gomukhasana Sarpasana Dhanurasana Matsyendrasana Mayurasana Shavasana Simhasana Sarvangasana Pavanmuktasana Bhujangasana Vajrasana Suptavajrasana Matsyasana Chakrasana Halasana Shalabhasana Suryananaskara (Sun Salute)