What is Health ? Modern And Ayurvedic View

What is Health ? According to WHO health is defined as “the complete state  of physical, mental and social well being and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity”.               Charateristics of Health  In Ayurvedic View, Health is not merly absence of disease.A healthy individual has not only a healthy body but also a healthy mind. He has...

Healthy Life And Healthy Mind

Healthy Body And Healthy Mind     Healthy Body A healthy body and mind is the sign of good health.A healthy person will be well built, healthy and strong having appropriateness and shapely physique. His skin is lustrous and complexion pink. He has a swift rhythmic gait and deep, voluminous, melodious and resonant voice. While enjoying sex and...

Ayurvedic Clinical Examination

  Introduction: Clinical examination is divided into two parts Roga Pareekshaa i.e. examination of disease and Rogee pareekshaa i.e. examination of the Patient. These examinations are of various types as follows:   Clinical Examination   Roga Pareekshaa (Examination of Disease) Rogi Pareekshaa (Examination of Patient)   Nidaana Panchaka(Five Types of Examination) Trividha (Three Fold Examination) Asht`avidha (Eight Fold Examination) Das`havidha(Ten Fold Examination) Hetu(Causative Factors of Disease) Dars`hana(Inspection/Observation) Naad`ee (Pulse) Dosha Prakriti(Body Constitution)Maanasa Prakriti(Pshycological Constitution) Poorvaroopa(Prodromal Signs & Symptoms of impending...

Aushadha Sevana Kaala/Medicine administration Time recommended in Ayurveda

  Introduction: Kaala is one of the nine Kaaran`a Dravya, which are responsible for the origin (initiation) and maintenance of the Universe and hence for human life. Every event in the nature and in human life is deeply affected by Kaala. Ayurveda emphasizes on the manifold effects of Kaala on human life. Dominance of Kaala is revealed in all the events; such as birth, growth,...

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