Ayurvedic Herbs


Haritaki:- TERMINALIA CHEBULA Retz. COMBRETACEAE FAMILY   LITERARY REVIEW   TERMINALIA CHEBULA is an extensively used herbal drug Rtuharitaki It is classically recommended as rtuharitaki for using the drug during the course of different seasons.   Rtu   Anupana Varsa saindhava Sarada Sarkara Hemanda Sunthi Sisira Pippali Vasantha Madhu Greeshma Guda       Various medicinal properties of drug fruit are specified in relation to its mode of use such as chewing,powdering,boiling and frying of fruit is stomachic,laxative, astringent and countering...

Lakhu Dronapushpi (Impatiens minor linn)- Ayurveda Medicinal Plant

 Lakhudronapushpi Impatiens minor linn Lakhudronapushpi Impatiens minor linn SYNONYMS Lakhudronapushpi Vatikadrona   VERNACULAR NAMES English         :      Wild balsam Hindi           :      Ban gulmendi Malayalam   :      Kasitumba, cherutumba SYSTEMIC CLASSIFICATION Kingdom             :      Plantae Phylum               :      Angiosperm Class                   :      Magnoliopsida Order                  :      Geraniales Family                :      Balsaminaceae Genus                 :      Impatiens Species               :      minor FAMILY CHARACTERS  Balsaminaceae Habit and leaf form: Herbs (generally with translucent stems, rarely almost shrubby); with watery juice. Plants more or...

BHRNGARAJA – Eclipta alba – Ayurvedic Herb

BHRNGARAJA Eclipta alba - Ayurvedic Herb         Caraka Indicated it for Raktapitta while vagbhata advocated Its consumption for one month to have the Rasayana effect. Paraskara grhyasutra, kesava paddhati, soundkiya Atharva, Kousika sathra etc delineate Bhrngaraja for its cosmetic as well as medicinal value. In Raja nigantu the blue variety is claimed to be the best Rasayana.   VARIETIES   According to Nighantukara. Sveta                  ...

Shatavari – (Asparagus racemosus.willd)

Shatavari(Asparagus racemosus.willd) INTRODUCTION     The texts clearly state that shatavari promotes maternal health.  In particular, noted the use of shatavari as a galactagogue (enhancing breast milk secretion in lactating mothers).  As such, it indirectly promotes the infant’s health.  Shatavari aptly in recent years shatavari has become a popular herb worldwide.  Women in the West have been using...

Sigru – Moringaoleifera

Moringaoleifera Sigru               ‘sigru’ is botanically identified an ‘MoringaOleifera’ which belongs to ‘Moringaceae  family. The drug is commonly a tree. The plant is documented to pocess beneficial effects as helmentic action and svedopaka actions. The present review is an attempt to high light the Various characters and uses of the drug ‘sigru’ (MoringaOleifera).   LITERARY REVIEW   RegVeda documented ‘Sigru’...

Ashoka – Saraca asoca Roxb. De. Wilde

  BOTANICAL NAME         : Saraca indica Linn.                                                   Saraca asoca Roxb. De. Wilde FAMILY                           : Fabaceae   Regarding the drug at hand, a clear description from Atharva Veda Parishishta indicates that Ashoka is known to Indians since vedic literature. Charaka described it as an anodyne while Sushrutha mentioned it under Rodhradi guna. In this context , it...

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