Breast Asymmetry and Breast size Variations Ayurvedic Treatment

Breast Asymmetry and Breast size Variations Ayurvedic Treatment

Breasts serves as the mammary gland, which produces and secretes milk and feeds infants. At the same time Female breasts can figure prominently in a woman’s perception of her body image and sexual attractiveness. Since it is a part of her secondary sexual characteristics.

After Puberty a problem faced by many are either small size of their Breasts, Breast Asymmetry or Variation in Breast Size. Here we discuss the available Ayurvedic treatment in both cases.

Breast Asymmetry:-

Normally there will be a Asymmetry between the size of two breast, Up to 25% of women’s breasts display a persistent, visible breast asymmetry. For about five- to ten percent of women their breasts are substantially different with Left Breast being a little bit bigger than that of the right one. This is due to the left breast’s proximity to the heart, a greater number of arteries and veins, and a protective layer of fat surrounding the heart located beneath it.

Other than this lump formation in Breast in case of Breast cancer can also cause Breast Asymmetry, So for Breast Asymmetry first of all we have to rule out any chances of Breast cancer(Lump) by a self Breast examination.


Intake of Ghee prepared using medicinal plants like Punarnnava, Dashamoola, Payasa, Ashwagandha, Eranda Moola, Shathavari,Pippali, Pippali Moola, Saindhava, Yashti, Madhuka, Mrdhwika, Yavani, Nagara Darbha, Ikshu Moola, Potagala along with Eranda Taila, Ghee, Milk. This Ghee preparation can nourish the Breast

Intake of Asava prepared using Medicinal plants like Shunti, Maricha, Pippali, Lavanga, Twak, Ela, Lodhra, Maskshika Bhasma, Kumari, Loha Bhasma, Honey, Jaggery. This particular preparation can act in hormonal level

Massaging Breast which is smaller in size when compared with the other one using medicated Oil prepared by adding drugs like Priyangu Pushpa, Vacha, Katuka, Lajjalu, Rajani in Tila Taila(Sesame Oil), Goghrtha(Cow Ghee), Mahisha Grhrtha etc for 45 mins. This Taila preparation can nourish the breast externally.

Njavara Application over Breast:-


  • Bala mula (roots of Sida cordifolia) is taken and should be washed with sterile water thoroughly so as to remove the dirt, mud and dust from them
  • The roots should then be cut into small pieces
  • The roots should now be put in a vessel consisting of water
  • The contents are boiled until ¼ of the taken content should remain
  • The solid part is filtered out
  • This is Bala kashaya (decoction of bala)
  • Next day morning equal portion of milk is added to this Kashaya
  • In this mixture of Kashayam and milk, Shashtika Shali (Shashtika rice) or Njavara Rice is added
  • Once the rice is cooked properly and a mere solid thick consistency is obtained, it is grinded into soft mass.
  • This should be filtered, applied over the breast which is smaller in size when compared with the other one and kept as such by bandaging it with a cloth.

Small Size Breast: Ayurvedic Treatment for Breast Enlargement

Above mentioned Ghrtha Preparation(Ghee), Asava Preparation etc should be taken as internal medicines in this case too.

Since in this case Enlargement of both breast is needed, Oil Massage and application of Njavara pudding should be done on both the breast.

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