Bad breath(halitosis) Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Bad breath halitosis ayurvedic home remedy

Bad breath medically called as halitosis. It is characterised by unpleasant odour of mouth.if you dont brush and floss the teeth daily,the food particles remain between your teeth will promote bacterial growth.sulpher compounds released by this bacteria gives the bad breath in mouth.bad breath can also be made worse by the types of food you eat and by unhealthy life style.

Bad breath result from poor dental health. There are many other things that can cause badbreath including poor dental hygine,types of food you eat,dry mouth,dental caries(cavity),tobacco product, yeast infection in mouth,gum infection, local infection in respiratory tract,throat infection, smoking etc…

If bacteria accumulated in the mouth overnight will cause bad breath,refered to as’ morning breath’ some people take breath through mouth during night which cause dry mouth and worse morning breath.


  • unpleasant smell of mouth
  • Reduced ability to taste food
  • Coating on the tongue
  • Dryness of mouth


Bad breath(halitosis) Ayurvedic Home Remedies:-

  1. Chew mint leaves will help you to decrease bad breath.
  2. Take the tea made from fenugreek.
  3. Take bakul(mimuspos elengi), khadir(acacia catechu),clove,betel nut,maya phal(quercur infectoria),cumin seeds,vidanga( embelia ribes),black pepper,camphor make powder.mix all the above powder and store.add 1 tsp of powder to warm water .gargle this decoction will help to cure bad breath.
  4. 3-4 drops of tree tea oil is put in a cup of warm water.gargle the mouth with this help to reduce the halitosis.
  5. Chew 3-4 coriander in the morning.
  6. Gargle with decoction of triphala( make powder of dry harithaki(chebulic myobalan),vibhithaki(belleric myobalan), and amalaki(gooseberry) put it on water and boil it.take this decoction and gargle)
  7. Salt watet gargle help to remove bacteria from tonsils and throat.
  8. Rince mouth with lemon juice help you to reduce bad breath.
  9. Take little honey with cinnamon powder mix it in hot water and gargle every day.
  10. Chew liquorice ( mulethi root)






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