Insomnia is a disease in which there is lack of enough sleep during night. The normal sleeping hours mentioned for a human being is 6 to 8 hrs.

However sleeping time might be shortened if the person is having a deep sleep, one should not consider that this is insomnia. Considering this as insomnia and sleeping further at day time in order to compensate it can again result in insomnia.

Sleeping is body’s mechanism to get rest after getting tired, if a person is not spending any type of Body energy, he may not get tired and this can effect sleep. Doing exercise so as to make sweating or gym workouts etc will definitely induce sleep.

Reason for Insomnia are:-

Sleeping during day time as mentioned above.

Mental worries

Unwanted Thoughts or fear

Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Insomnia

According to Ayurveda drinking Buffalo Milk(Milk that is heavy) just before going to sleep can induce sleep.

One should Drink a glass of Celery juice mixed with a teaspoon of Honey during night time before going to bed.

Vishnukrantha leaves should be grind using milk and made into a bolus having a size of Goosberry and should be taken daily.

Grind some fried Cumin (jeera) seeds to a fine powder and mix them with the pulp of a ripe Banana. Eat this at night.

Grind some fried Cumin (jeera) seeds to a fine powder, mix it with honey and have it.

Add Lettuce seeds in boiled water and drink.

One should mix hot milk with Cumin (jeera) Yashtimadhu and drink.

Mix equal quantities of Sesame (til) oil and Bottle gourd juice (lauki) and massage this mixture on the scalp every night.

Add grinded Mailanchi (Lawsonia inermis) leaves with milk and drink it

Consume salad of raw Onions (pyaz) regularly.

The whole part of Shangupushpam(Clitoria ternatea) made into decoction and drink it

Eat three cups of curd (dahi) every day.

Drink the milk extracted from Poppy seeds every day at night after having dinner.

Nutmeg fruit is grind, added with milk and should drink.

Drink a cup of milk with Honey every day.

Mix Powedered Ashwagandha with ghee, sugar etc and have it.

Take Rose water (gulab jal), add one drop of ghee and rinse the eyes with that water at bed time.

Take a glass of warm milk and add some Nutmeg (jayfal), Cardamom (elaichi) and dried Ginger(adrak) to it and consume it.


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