In this type of Raktha Mokshana, blood letting is done by using a Alabu(Laganaria Vulgaris) containing a burning candle.This Particular technique is used in Kapha Dushta Rakta.

Indications:- Kapha Dushta Rakta, Avagad’ha Tara Dushta Rakta in Twak, Sukumara Purusha, Kandu(Itching), Suptata(Numbness), Sparsanasa.

The Alabu used should be soft, white, which is neither too big nor too small.

Alabu Dimension:- Length of attached nalika 4 Angula, 8 Angula Diameter


Pracchana(Pricking) should be done at the region where blood letting should be done.

The Alabu with a burning candle is kept over the pricked region.

This alabu is kept for 10 – 15 min, the burning candle utilizes the air inside and thus creates a Vaccum with –ve Pressure which leads to blood letting.


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