Akshi Tarpana


The Literary meaning of Tarpana is “to Nourish”, in case of Tarpana a compact dough wall is made around the eyes and Medicated Ghee or Grhitha manda is retained in eyes for a mentioned period of a time meanwhile patient is asked to open and close his Eyes and there by which eyes get nourished with the help of fatty materials.

Tarpana Alleviates redness of affected eyes, alleviates burning and itching sensation, annihilates the swelling, pain, lacrimation and mucous secretion.

Indications:- Krichronmilana, Sirotpata, Siraharsha, Arjuna, Sukra, Timira, Abhishyanda, Adhimantha, Anyatovata, Vataparyaya, Vattika & Paittika disease of the eyes, Abhigathaja Akshi(Injured Eyes), Inflammatory conditions of Eyes, Patient visualising darkness in front of the eyes, Eyes defiecient in lacrimation, Dry Eyes, Hard lids with falling of eyelashes, Dirty Eyes, Squint Eyes.

Tarpana should not be done in person suffering from anxiety, tiredness, Giddiness and it should not be performed in a Cloudy or Very hot or Cold day.


Procedure:- Patient who had already undergone Shodhana of Sira and Kaya(Body) should lie on his back. Patient is given Swedana(Fomentation) with cotton soaked in lukewarm water. A Dough wall is made up of Black Gram(Masha) around the eyes till a height of 2Angula. With the patients eyes in closed condition, liquefied medicated Ghee or Ghritha manda is poured over the closed eyes in a slow manner until it covers the entire eyelashes.

After Pouring, patient is asked to blink his eyes continuously and the ghee is retained for a stipulated time.

After the mentioned time, the medicated ghee is drained out through a hole made near the outer canthus and the eyes is washed with Triphala Kashaya or Lukewarm water.


Symptoms of Properly done Tarpana:- Sound Sleep, Blissful Awakening, Cessation of Secretion, Clarity of Vision, Discernment of Individual colors, Lightness of eye, Proper functioning of eyes, Ability to tolerate Sunlight.

According to Condition, the procedure can be performed for One day, Three days or Five days.

Duration according to conditions:-

Healthy:- 500 Matra Kala

Kapha Predominant:- 600 Matra Kala

Pitta Predominant:- 800 Matra Kala

Vata Predominant:- 1000 Matra Kala

Sandhigata roga:- 300 Matra Kala

Vartmagata roga:- 100 Matra Kala

Suklagata roga:- 500 Matra Kala

Krishnagata roga:-700 Matra Kala

Drishtigata roga:- 800 Matra Kala

Adhimantha roga:- 1000 Matra Kala\


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