This Particular Formulation is Mentioned in Bharath Bhaishajya Ratnakar:1/98, Due to its Deepana – Pachana action(Increase Appetite and Digestive Power) it is one best remedy for Agnimandya(Less Digestive Power), Less Appetite, Ajeerna(Indigestion).

Along with all the above mentioned action, its Shoolaghna(Pain Relieving) action makes it the best remedy for Udarashoola(Abdominal Pain). It also shows excellent action over Amavata due to its Ama Pachana action.

Relieves Constipation by increasing Intestinal Laxity

Indications:- for Agnimandya(Less Digestive Power), Less Appetite, Ajeerna(Indigestion), Udarashoola(Abdominal Pain), Amavata(Rheumatic Arthritis), Grahani(Git Disorders), Yakrt Vikara(Liver Disorders), Constipation

Ingredients:- Parada, Gandaka, Chitraka, Ajamoda, Saindhava, Vatsanabha, Haritaki, Vibheetaki, Vidanga, Sauvarchala Lavana, Samudra Lavana, Amalaki, Tankana, Sarjjikshara, Yavakshara.


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