Disease Treatments

Visarpa Chikitsa

  Introduction:   The specificity or characteristic of this disease is that it spreads like snakes venom (Sarpa Visha). (C.Chi.21/6) It is a dreadful (Daarun`a) disease if neglected, hence should be dealt with immediately, (C.Chi.21/6-7) In the treatment of Visarpa depending upon the Avasthaa the following treatment should be adopted.     Saamaanya Chikitsaa:   The first three types of Visarpa are curable, while Sannipaataja and Kshataja Visarpa are considered as incurable. In Visarpa the...

Vidradhi Chikitsa

Introduction: Vidradhi is an elevation on the surface of the skin which manifests with Oedema. It is S`hastrakarmasaadhyaVyaadhi. Charakaachaarya has explained Vidradhi as one of the types of the PramehaPid`akaa. But he has also stated that without suffering form Prameha, thesePramehaPid`akaa including Vidradhi can get manifested.   Nirukti:   Dusht`aRaktaatimaatratvaat Sa VaiS`heeghramVidahyate | TatahS`heeghravidaahitvaatVidradhiItiAbhidheeyate | (Cha. Su. 17/95) S`heeghravidaahaadVidradhih | (Su. Ni. 9/1 Gayadaasa)   Sampraapti:   Dosha vitiate skin, Rakta, Maamsa and Medas. They are harboured on Asthi. Gradually, these Dosha create serious Oedema. This Oedema (S`hopha) has large base....

Vatavyaadhi and its Treatment in Ayurveda

Nirukti:   Vaata Eva Vyaadhi Vaatavyaadhih | Vaata itself is treated as Vyaadhi considering its potential to cause Vyaadhi with dominance of Vaata. Here, Vaataitself acts as a Dooshya and manifests diseases all over the body or locally.   Vaataad Vyaadhih Vaatavyaadhih| Any disease which is caused due to the dominance of Vaata Dosha, is Vaatavyaadhi.   Vyaadhipadasaamaanaadhikaran`yaad Vikrito Duhkhakaaree Vaato Vaatavyaadhih | M. N. 22.1-4   Introduction:   Vaata is main entity as Dosha in the human body. It is...

Vatarakta Chikitsa – Treatment for Gouty Arthritis in Ayurveda

Vatarakta Chikitsa - Treatment for Gouty Arthritis in Ayurveda     For Education & Reference Purpose. Please consult with Ayurveda doctor for treatment   Saamaanya Chikitsaa:   Raktamokshan`a: It can be carried out by two ways taking Bala (strength of the patient) and Dosha into consideration. Prachchhaana Siraamokshan`a Raktamokshan`a should be carried out in Vaatarakta, where there is Raaga, Rujaa and Daaha. Virechana: It is useful to reduce Kapha and Medas Snehana should be carried...

Upadhathu Chikitsa

    Introduction: Upadhaatu are the byproducts formed during the process of formation of Dhaatu (body constituent). As they are derived from Dhaatu, they are called as Upadhaatu. Following chart describes relation of Upadhaatu and Dhaatu.   Dhaatu Upadhaatu Rasa Stanya, Aartava Rakta Kan`d`araa, Siraa Maamsa Vasaa, Tvak Meda Snaayu Asthi Danta* Majjaa Kes`ha* S`hukra Ojas* (* According to S`haarangadhara Samhitaa)   According to some Aachaarya; Danta and Kes`ha are Mala of Asthi and not the Upadhaatu. Similarly Ojas is also not an Upadhaatu but epitome of all the Dhaatu. These Upadhaatu get affected by various causative factors producing signs and symptoms and diseases. Some...

Unmada Chikitsa

  Introduction: The term Unmaada means Samudbhrama (perversion). This disorder involves the perversion of Buddhi (Intellect),Manas (mind) and Smriti (Memory).   Classification: Nija Aagantuja   Classification according to Dosha Vaataja Pittaja Kaphaja Saannipaataja Aagantuja   Other classification: Maanasa Duhkhaja Vishaja Aadhija   Saamaanya Chikitsaa:   S`hodhana: Snehana, Svedana, Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Anjana, Siraamoks`han`a S`hamana: S`hamana Kalpanaa, Pathya Aahaara - Vihaara Satvaavajaya: Aas`hvaasana After Snehana and Svedana, Teekshn`a S`hodana (Teekshn`a drastic Vamana, Virechana and Nasya) should be given. Avapeed`a Nasya is also advised (Choorn`a + Sarshapa Taila). The same Choorn`a are used for application to the nose. In all kinds of Unmaada the patient should be cheered. In the initial phase patient should be given S`hamanaafter...

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