Disease Treatments

Krimi roga Chikitsa/Treatment for worm infestation in Ayurveda

  Sampraapti: Due to causative aggravating factors, Kapha and Pitta gets aggravated. It generates different types of Krimi. These Krimi reside at various places in the body. e.g.Aamaas`haya, Pakvaas`haya, Dhamanee, Rakta etc.   Types: There are 20 types of Krimi, which can be also divided as Baahya Aabhyantara There are also numerous types of Krimi, which can not be counted. According to origin, Krimi are of three types, which could be again classified as visible and invisible. Dris`hya (visible): Pureeshaja (7)...

Karna Rogas – Ear Disorders in Ayurveda

  Karna Rogas - Ear Disorders in Ayurveda     Introduction: Karna Roga are the diseases related to the Karn`a Srotas or the Karn`a S`hashkulee.   Types: o       Vaataja o       Pittaja o       Kaphaja o       Saannipaataja   There are 28 types of Karn`a Roga in S`haalaakya Tantra. According to Chakrapaan`i, all the types explained in the S`haalaakya Tantra are ultimately fall under above said 4 types; therefore Charaka has mentioned only 4 types ofKarn`a Roga.   Comparative study of Karn`a Roga types:   No. Charaka Samhitaa(4) Sus`hruta Samhitaa(28) / Maadhava Nidaana Asht`aangahridaya(25) 1 Vaataja Karn`a S`hoola Karn`a S`hoola -5 2 Pittaja Karn`a Pran`aada Karn`a N`aada 3 Kaphaja Karn`a Baadhirya Karn`a Baadhirya 4 Saannipaatika Karn`a Kshved`a Kuchikarn`aka 5 Karn`a Sraava Karn`a Pippalee 6 Karn`a Kan`d`oo Karn`a Kan`d`oo 7 Karn`a Varchas Karn`a Vidaarikaa 8 Krimi Karn`a Krimi Karn`a 9 Karn`a Pratinaaha Karn`a Pratinaaha 10 Karn`a Vidradhi -2 1. Dosha...

Mukharogas in Ayurveda – Diseases of Face

Mukharogas in Ayurveda - Diseases of Face   Reference: S.Ni.16, C.Su.18, C.Chi.12, C.Chi.26, A.H.U.21   Synonyms: Vadana Roga-D`alhan`a.   Mukharoga are the diseases related to the Mukha i.e. Mouth.   Mukharoga - Aayatanaani (Sthaana): Osht`ha Danta Moola Danta Jihvaa Taalu Kan`t`ha Mukha (CompleteMukha)   In Charaka Samhitaa, following diseases related to Mukha etc. are explained in Chikitsaasthaana S`haalooka Bid`aalikaa Taalu Vidradhi Upjihvikaa. Adhijihvikaa Upakus`ha DantaVidradhi Galas`hun`d`ikaa Galagan`d`a 10.Galagraha 11.Rohin`ee   These all diseases are explained by Charaka, under the S`hotha Prakaran`a, as they all manifest with the Utsedha(elevation due to oedema). This is extraordinary thinking by Charaka.   Rogaas`hchotsedha Saamaanyaad Adhimaamsaarbudaadayah...

Apasmara (Epilepsy) Treatment

Apasmara Treatment   In Apasmara dosha, Vitiated due to agitation of mind blocks the vessels of  Manova Srotas amking the person to get his Mind and Intellect blank, creating a confused state. The Premonitary Symptoms are Feeling emptiness in heart region, Perspiration, Unconsciousness, Loss of functions of sense organs, Insomnia, Excessive Salivation, Giddiness, tastelessness, weakness etc. Symptoms of...

Stree Roga – Gynecological Disorders in Ayurveda

  Stree Roga - Gynecological Disorders in Ayurveda       Introduction: The diseases those mainly occur in females and are related to reproductive system. The major area of the diseases iscovered by Yonivyaapad mentioned in Samhitaa which are related to menstruation and female genital organs. The restare related to the various states of female like diseases in pregnancy, diseases during and after delivery and diseases during lactation.   Mood`ha Garbha   Reference: C.Sha.8,...

Bhagna Chikitsa/Fracture treatment in Ayurveda

  Bhagna Chikitsa - Fractures in Ayurveda   Introduction: Bhagna is fracture or dislocation of joint or bone. Charaka Samhitaa has described Asthi Bhagna in the Vran`a chapter. It is said that a wound with a Bhagna heals with difficulty. General treatment of Bhagna includes Asthi Sandhaana.   Saamaanya Chikitsaa: Asthi Bhagna is considered as Vran`a according to Charaka. In the condition, Asthi Bhagna (fracture) or Asthi Chyuta (dislocation), the bones should be placed in the original anatomical position properly (Reduction of the fracture)....

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