Basic Concepts Of Ayurveda

Types Of Food In Ayurveda

Types Of Food In Ayurveda     Always conducive food Taking ginger & salt before food is always good, it enhances Agni, taste, clears tongue & throat. Wholesome diet (pathya Ahara) Rakta Sali, Mudga, Rain water, saindhava, jivanti, meat of ena, lava, godha, rohita, cow’s ghee, cow’s milk, tila taila, fat of pig, fat of culuki fish, fat of white...

Significance of Ahara (Food) in Ayurveda

Ahara (Food)   Ahara is the food which is ingested, it includes all foods like eatables, lickables, drinkables etc. It is derived from root       पु आङ + ह + धञ् Food has been given the prime importance since Vedic period. It is considered as Brahma in Upanisad. Kasyapa gives it the name Mahabhaisajya. This is responsible...

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