Ayurvedic Medicines

Dashamooladi Lehyam

It can be best used in cases where there is high oedema of the body It can be used in Feverish conditions, Giddines Severe leaning, Indigestion - body stiffness (Amaja). It is useful in all kinds of Vata roga's It is useful in Acidity/ Amla Pitta In those who are impaired with good quality Sperm production - Shukla dosha Those...

Jeerakadi Lehyam

This Lehya Preparation is best to enhance Hoarseness of Voice, In Chest Injury Cases, Deterioration of body due to Tuberculosis To Remove Puss etc From body. Incase of Inflammation in body parts Sputum with bad odour Pain in both anterior and posterior side of the body Diarrhoea

Kushmanda Rasayanam

  One who use this will get relief from from Cough, Hiccup, Fever, Body weakness. Replenishes the badly injured body, It will give strength to your Chest It gives endurance capacity to the body and it enhances the memory Power.  


  It is an excellent Lehya preparation which will boost the digestive capacity, it will help to cure all enteral disease. It will cure Cough and Asthmatic condition. It will enhance the speech ability. It will eliminate inflammations. It will enhance lost Vigor of male patients and all body tissues will be nourished. Ladies who are unable to conceive will...

Ashwagandhadi Lehyam

  It is one of the best preparation in Ayurveda which is in the form of Lehya, by its intake one will get his body Strength enhanced

Agasthya Rasayanam

  Agasthya Rasayanam is best for:- To Cure of Hair greying Inorder to enhance complexion Inorder to get strength and longevity Inorder to cure all types of Kasa (Cough) and Swasa (respiratory problems). It is best for Kshaya - Decreased body immunity, and general weakness of body Hiccup, Long standing fever, Diabeties, Piles, Tastlesness, Running Nose, Gulma, Grahani etc can be...