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It cause a relief from Apana Vayu Vaygunya especially lower gastric disturbance including obstipation etc It cures Hemorrhoids, Eight types of gastro enteritis. It increase the digestive power Indications:- Arshas(Piles), Grahani(GIT Disorders), Pandu(Anaemia), Kushta(Skin Disorders), Udara, Gara Visha, Jwara(Fever), Sopha(Oedema), Pleeha roga(Splenic Disorders), Hrdroga(Cardiac Disorders), Gulma, Yakshma, Chardi(Vomiting), Krimi(Worm Infestations) Ingredients:- Abhaya, Amalaki, Kapitha, Visala, Lodhra, Maricha, Pippali,...


It is best used for Frequent Mada and Murcha rogas which include loss of intellect and frequent syncope, fainting It can be used for Diabetes, Jaundice, Abdominal pain, bone degradation, fracture and blood loss


This Particular preparation is well used for Skin diseases like Kushta and Shwitra. It is also used in cough, Distended abdomen, Paroxysmal dyspnoea, Hemorrhoids, Diabetes, Diseases affecting spleen And Worm infestations, Distended Stony Abdomen


This particular preparation is excellent for Females. Those who are unable to conceive can use this particularly It enhances body strength and mass All types of Vata Roga's 20 Types of disease affecting Reproductive tract Cough, respirator distress, Fever, Body deterioration, Jaundice, Anaemia Increase Urinary Output. Females who use this will get their breast beautiful enlarged with engorged nipples like that...


This Lehya preparation can be used by Kids, Old people, those who have weakness of body, Those who are deteriorated due to injury etc It can be used for hoarseness of Voice, Gouty Conditions, Thirstness, Diabetes,Sperm problems It enhances Medha, Complexion, Power of Sense Organs, Nourishes all body tissues It increase the digestive power, Immunity. It will decrease...

Dashamooladi Lehyam

It can be best used in cases where there is high oedema of the body It can be used in Feverish conditions, Giddines Severe leaning, Indigestion - body stiffness (Amaja). It is useful in all kinds of Vata roga's It is useful in Acidity/ Amla Pitta In those who are impaired with good quality Sperm production - Shukla dosha Those...

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