In case of Dhanyamla Dhara, fomentation is induced by Pouring warm Dhanyamla over Patients body using a Undini or Kindi.

In Classics Charaka opines that Seka with Amla Drava is good to treat VataKapha Pradhana Vata-Rakta(Gouty Arthritis).

Indications:- Amavata, Ankolyzing Spondilitis, Obesity.


It acts best in Vata Borne disease like Paralysis, Hemiplegia, Apatantraka, Antarayama, Bahyayama. Akshepa,


It is most efficacious in Nervous disorders, Pain and Stiffness of limbs, Rheumatic complaints like Rheumatoid Arthritis,




The Patient is made to sit on the Taila Dhroni/Massage table

Oil in normal temperature is taken and is applied on the Vertex, Ear and feet of the patient and Sarvanga Abhayanga(Anointing whole body) should be done

Amalaki Kalka Talam is applied over the head vertex and then a long band of cloth is tied around the head over forehead and ear.

Afterwards Patients is asked to lie down in supine position.

In Dhanyamla Dhara, one Vessel containing Dhanyamla should be boiled with fire source, The Vessel should be kept near the drainage outlet of Taila Dhroni/Massage table so that the after pouring Dhanyamla over patients body – The Dhanyamla gets collected in this Vessel and gets heated.


Using Undini/Kindi the Dhanyamla is taken and poured in Patient’s Body part.

It should be poured to all parts of the body.





Tones and rejuvenates the skin, promotes relaxation, nourishes muscles, nerves tissues, inner balance.



Improves blood circulation: It helps improve blood circulation in your body, because of the warmth and stimulation during the massage.

Detoxifies your body: causes profound sweating which helps eliminate toxins from your body, helping you detox. The massage also helps keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Reduces stress and anxiety: The treatment helps release tension, stress and calms your mind. What’s more, this treatment also helps beat depression and irritability.


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